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Leading Lines

As I watched the videos about leading lines, and the articles, I began to understand and see leading lines much more. I used the lines on the ground on the first photo to lead up to my subject, Jamie. I was hoping the leading lines in the titles of the floor would demonstrate leading lines. I do not think this was the best photo I could have taken to demonstrate this. I think my second photo was more creative, and demonstrate the effect of leading lines better than the first. If I could redo my photos, I would take the first one at a different angle.
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Rules of Thirds

In this two images above, I tried to put my subject In the left corner of my picture, picturing that the photo was divided into three sections. After watching the video that was attached, I understand the rules of thirds very much. I was able to go outside my house, and take photos using the rules of thirds. The rules of thirds make photos more presentable, and eye appealing.  Although certain times rules of thirds is difficult, and always only knowing if i'm doing it right,it makes my photos really cool.

Point of View

I thought to use my dog as my subject for multiple reasons. I thought using my dog would be a really cool and different way for portraying point of view. Although it was hard at times to try to make him sit still, and made getting good pictures that much more fun! Getting different points if view, and getting a good photo is difficult. I think us learning about different points of view makes us more dynamic, and better photographers. Since we will use lots of photos in web design, this will benefit me later on in this class. Overall, I liked this assignment and thought it was lots of fun!

Lesson 6

Lesson 5

Original photo of pond Original photo of a Swan  Combined photo

Lesson 4

Original Photo 
After using the cloning tool 

Original photo
After using the cloning tool

Third lesson


 Magic wand effect
Magic wand effect